#P Social Listening – “CA Gas Tax”

Here is the latest listener data for the California Gas Tax, November 1, 2017. The following are summaries points of the data, or discover your own on our interactive Dashboard.


  • Data – There were 8,270 tweets collected discussing items relative to the recent CA Gas Tax increase (November 1, 2017)
  • Period – The listening happened over a 31 day period (October 9, 2017 through November 10, 2017). There were 21 days of lead time prior to the tax going into effect, and 10 days afterward
  • Sentiment – Breakdown as follows:
    • Favorable:
      • Indications of positive attributes of rebuilding road infrastructure
      • Attitudes that the additional tax was not that much
      • Other States who are Republican-controlled not seeming to have a problem with their gas taxes
    • Neutral:
      • Advisories of the Gas Tax coming online
      • Getting your gas before it goes up
      • A journalistic “both sides” discussion on the tax’s impact
      • Electric cars being unaffected
    • Negative:
      • Overt displeasure toward the Gas Tax
      • Rage toward CA elected officials
      • Disbelief that people would vote for elected officials voting for this tax
      • The desire to move out of a crazy State like CA
      • Skepticism on timing (coinciding with “winter blend”/cheaper gasoline)


  • Huge Displeasure – There was an overwhelming 7-to-1 displeasure of the CA Gas Tax. The Negative and the Neutral advisories dominated the lead up to the start of the tax, and Favorable tweets began to slowly emerge once the tax was in place. The displeasure transcended both political parties (based on profile examinations & context)
  • Earned Media Effect – The Neutral sentiments were mostly retweets of earned media coverage of the tax going into effect, featuring both sides; there were many advisories to hurry up and fuel before you have to pay more
  • Highly Personal – There was a relatively low amount of Negative sentiment retweeting; this indicates a more personal relationship to the Gas Tax and a need to react to it as opposed to just sharing what someone else said
  • Not Many Reasons for the Tax – On the flip-side, the Favorable sentiment showed a great deal of retweeting, illustrating a deficiency of arguments for the CA Gas Tax, and echoing the common wisdom of the tax proponents

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Kevin Perkins