SoCal Water Infrastructure Tour

The HashtagPinpoint team was fortunate to be invited on Metropolitan Water District‘s Southern California Infrastructure Tour.

While most Californians have heard of the Colorado River (Aqueduct) or perhaps the Oroville Dam, not much else attention is usually given to water infrastructure in California, especially SoCal. Needless to say, my eyes were opened to the amazing storage, conveyance, and treatment systems that go into providing water ubiquity to the lower half of the State.

About 30 of us hopped on a touring bus, and traveled locally to various MET facilities:

I’m struck with the balance of old infrastructure and new methods. The fact that MET surveyors and engineers were able to build high capacity waterways–in the early & mid 1900’s–to what is essentially a “desert” (SoCal)… blows my mind. There are contingencies for earthquakes, ways to generate power, routing from multiple sources, the latest sustainable filtration chemistry & techniques… the list goes on.

Upon finishing the tour, I was left with this thought: we shouldn’t take our water access for granted. Period. Some of that “old infrastructure” can be improved upon and there are new ideas for storage (Sites Project) and conveyance (Delta Bay Tunnels) in the North that need to get done. We truly need an “all-of-the-above” strategy for long-term water continuity–throughout the State–where fresh water, ground water, desal, recycled and imported water are used. #WaterIsLife

Kevin Perkins