Kevin Perkins

Kevin is a Founding Partner of HashtagPinpoint®.

Kevin Perkins has been a technology entrepreneur since the early 1990s. During the first internet bubble (1995-2000), Kevin ran a software company building applications for Fortune 50s all the way down to over-funded start-ups. During that time, he developed a great deal of industry knowledge by building apps for: insurance, content management, banking/finance, sports, ecommerce, waste management, medical, and more. Also during that time, he was a key figure in (4) software patent processes.

In the early 2000s, Kevin invented a mobile technology later to be known as Skweezer®. It transcoded webpages to work on 98% of the devices at the time. It eventually lead to Advertizer™, a mobile ad exchange leveraging desktop CPC providers seeking to display their pay-per-click ads in mobile traffic. The software was licensed to mobile operators (Orange, Bell Mobility), search engines (, Yahoo), and handset makers (Tracfone). The company finally closed in 2013 after the proliferation of iPhone and Android phones with full browsers.

Since 2013, Kevin has been actively investing or participating in the various companies he’s working with. As a firm on the cutting edge of social advocacy, Kevin is thrilled to be a Founding Partner with Pasquale, and anticipates #P growing rapidly over the next 3 years.