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Whether it’s selling tickets to a show or creating a loyal fan base, HashtagPinpoint™ (#P) uses key algorithms to fill your shows and grow your Brand ID.

Selling Tickets

Once you define your event-goer’s profile, #P will take that profile and find others that are similar:

  • Friends-of-friends
  • Check-ins
  • Location
  • Look-alike audiences

Additionally, #P can provide key strategy on determining the least amount of obstacles from your online marketing to your purchasing process.

Grow Your Brand ID

As many people in the Entertainment business know, you’re as only good or known as your last gig. By engaging a loyal fan base via Social Media, entertainers can stay engaged with the public regardless of what projects are happening or not. Also, people “breaking into the business” can use #P’s algorithms to create mindshare and influence for potential employment situations.

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