HashtagPinpoint (#P) is a full-service strategic communications firm focusing on social targeting, listening, and advocacy.


Advocacy Network

HashtagPinpoint® has built a network of specialized advocacy pages bringing together engaged and ravenous followers of a given topic, idea, or cause

Social Automation

Avoid errors and omissions with automation tools that allow you to find, capture, review, forward, post and a variety of other actions with the vast amounts of content on the internet

Sentiment Analysis

Ever wonder what “the internet is thinking”? Our tools help you listen to what’s happening to your or your competitor’s products, brand, and critical feedback for quick responses

Political Campaigns

Our team has successfully managed dozens and dozens of political campaigns: PACs, independent expenditures, candidates (local, regional, state, national), districts, and boards

Trend Forecasting

Whether you start with an assumption, or have the data tell you the story on its own, #P can help you answer your most pressing social behavior questions

Online Voter Registration

Organizations seeking to provide online voter registration services are able to leverage #P’s technical expertise in connecting with State voter systems

Media Buying

All media purchases are handled by professionals who work with the Facebook and Twitter ad managers every day, maximizing your budget to accomplish your objectives

Online Fundraising

Some of the biggest campaigns have been supported by grass roots fundraising. #P provides a one-stop solution for emails, forms, collections, and reporting

Content Production

With over 8 billion videos watched every day, no one’s reading posts any more. Have #P produce your 15, 30, 60 second or long-form content pieces


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Founding Partner
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September 2014

Pasquale and Kevin are introduced to each other by their mutual friend, Mike Schmitt over drinks and famous burnt ends at Smoqued BBQ in Orange, CA


November 2014

HashtagPinpoint™ is formed and incorporated. It’s mission: to use an array of content, algorithms, and techniques to help its customers target message and advocate their message on social media

First Campaigns, Case Studies

April 2015

Right out of the gate, #P had many successes using its initial targeting algorithms. From promoting STEAM programs for school districts to CA Senator John Moorlach’s race

Internet Oppomercials

May 2015

#P was one of the first companies to effectively use the 0:15 “oppomercial” on social media with targeted audiences

Presidential Campaign Season

August 2015

Social Media proposals requested by Ben Carson’s Presidential Committee and Trump’s CA Committee

Trump Predictions

December 2015

Kevin’s social models showed Trump winning the general election in 2016. Pasquale unfortunately lost multiple steak dinner bets throughout the primary and general election seasons

Qualitative Social Listening

June 2016

#P developed it’s own qualitative analysis tool for Twitter, answering the questions that weren’t being answered by traditional polling

Mann’s Chinese Red Carpet

September 2016

#P was brought in to accelerate the social media engagement as well as produce the Facebook Live stream for the Mann’s Chinese red carpet event

Social Advocacy Network

January 2016

#P launches its network of niche Advocacy Pages. By the end of 2017, #P will have one million users under message

CA Drought Monitor

February 2017

In a short period of time, #P builds its CA Drought Monitor page to 1000’s of people and earned media. Water agencies reach out; CA State Inspection Trip to ascertain current messaging techniques surrounding water facts

Chamber Pages

April 2017

Various business districts have begun to embrace #P’s “Chamber Page” concept, hiring HashtagPinpoint® to promote businesses in the same locale, shared interest or vertical. The mutual “co-opitition” creates a mutual promotion platform increasing the ongoing value of the given chamber while reducing shared marketing expenses


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